Karen’s Kids Inc is a Saint Peters MO area daycare center and we have been in business since 1999. We have graduated 15 classes of wonderful children that are well on their way to becoming successful young men and women.

“Learning” is our philosophy at Karen’s Kids Inc. We feel that children are impressionable at very early ages, therefore they should learn from positive role models like parents and teachers. We begin our day with Pre-School, where children learn from structured lessons. Song Time allows the children to learn through the joy of music. Arts and crafts gives the children a chance to express their creativity, while free play offers interaction among peers. Our program provides a balance of active and quiet activities, both indoor and out.

We, at Karen’s Kids Inc. do not try to take the place of the parent but rather help to teach your children while they are away from home or the care of parents. We are always glad that in your absence, you would chose to entrust is with your child’s well being. This is truly an honor.

Please take time to meet our dedicated staff and please feel free to enquirer with any questions you may have.


Director and Owner:

Karen Lesinski

Asst. Director:

Nichole Johnson


Anita Colter (Infant Room)

Jnai Threadgill (Toddler Room)

Rachel Colter (Toddler Room)

Melanie Dulfour (Two’s Room)

Victoria Boekemier (Three’s Room)

Asia Vasquez (Four’s Room)

Robbie Poel (Pre-K Room)

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